Aerodyne Introduces S Series® Dust Collector

Cleveland-based Aerodyne, a manufacturer of dry-material handling systems, has debuted its S
Series® Dust Collector for separating out fine particles starting at 20 microns. According to the
company, the cyclonic dust collector can pick up dusts including sawdust, fly ash, sand and coffee;
and can easily handle fibrous, sticky, hygroscopic and high-temperature materials that might clog
or damage filter bags or cartridges. It is designed to minimize the amount of dust particulate that
can come in contact with the collector walls, enabling it to handle highly abrasive materials
without the need for special anti-abrasive coatings or extra heavy-duty construction. Aerodyne also
reports that when installed before baghouses or cartridge filters, the S Collector significantly
increases the filter media’s life and lowers labor and material costs.

The S Series Dust Collector may be used as part of a manufacturing process or to meet the
Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s standards for dust control in the workplace. Units
come in sizes ranging from 50 to 18,000 cubic feet per minute and may be mounted vertically or

August 4, 2009