BASF Introduces Lurotex® Duo Textile Finishing Systems

Germany-based BASF SE has launched Lurotex® Duo C6 fluorocarbon-based textile finishing systems for
apparel, home textiles and upholstery. The Lurotex Duo System for stain repellent comprises Lurotex
Protector RP ECO combined with Perapret® Booster XLR to enhance the finish’s performance, and the
Lurotex Duo System for stain release comprises Lurotex Protector RL ECO combined with Perapret®
Booster XLR.

According to BASF, the C6-based finishes contain traces of perfluorooctanoic acid that are
reduced below detection levels, compared with traditonal C8-based products. “This will support
customers as well as retailers and brands in meeting the latest and future ecological
requirements,” said Janardhanan Ramanujalu, head of gobal business management, Textile Chemicals,

The company also reports that compared to traditional fluorocarbon finishes, the Duo Systems
enhance performance durability while retaining a soft hand and a high degree of whiteness.

July 28, 2009