Lenzing Instruments Nets Rights To Produce, Sell Testing Equipment

Austria-based Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of testing instruments, has
entered into an agreement with the Germany-based FIBRE, Faserinstitut Bremen, at the University of
Bremen, for the production and sale of the NOS 200 system used to analyze fiber orientation in a
nonwoven web. The system inspects nonwoven webs, and using charge-coupled device cameras and image
evaluation techniques gives real-time feedback that can be used for process control on a nonwoven
production line. The technology now is available to nonwovens manufacturers worldwide through
Lenzing’s existing network of contacts in the nonwovens industry and its distribution network.

Lenzing also recently gained the exclusive global license from Switzerland-based textile
machinery mechanical and electronic components producer Retech AG to sell its Prompt-ATQ online
sensor for monitoring yarn tension during air texturizing manufacturing. The sensor alerts the
operator to problems during production such as a dirty nozzle, defect yarn guides, missing fancy
yarns and incorrect heater temperature so that corrections may be made immediately.

In other company news, Lenzing Instruments has assumed worldwide sales and service for the
GE-TE-FLOW, a water permeability tester for geotextiles manufactured by Germany-based analytical
systems producer Eco-Mess. Lenzing Instruments reports the fully automatic, computer-controlled
instrument GE-TE-FLOW has been tested and proven in industrial production and public testing

June 16, 2009