DSM Dyneema, Bluewater Develop Cryogenic LNG Transfer Hose

DSM Dyneema — a division of the Netherlands-based Royal DSM NV, a life and materials sciences
company that manufactures Dyneema® high-performance polyethylene fiber — and Bluewater Energy
Services BV — a member of the Netherlands-based Bluewater group of companies — have introduced a
Composite Cryogenic Hose made with Dyneema® ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber.
According to the companies, the hose is the first truly flexible large-bore hose for high-volume
offshore transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

LNG transfer hoses should be large-bore, durable, able to handle high loads, and flexible
enough to function in harsh weather conditions. Low LNG temperatures, combined with an unfavorable
marine environment, limit the type of materials that are suitable for constructing the hoses. A
patented circular braided layer made from Dyneema provides the Composite Cryogenic Hose with high
axial strength, light weight, low-temperature resistance, flexibility and increased pressure
capacity. The hoses allow large-volume fluid transfer, thereby shortening the marine transfer
process as well as the overall risk exposure.

DSM Dyneema and Bluewater developed the Composite Cryogenic Hose over 10 years as part of a
joint research and development program. The hose is the first cryogenic application in which
Dyneema fiber has been used. DSM Dyneema and Bluewater also have formed a strategic partnership for
the development and marketing of innovative products.

June 16, 2009