Darlington Fabrics Launches UBL, FR Warp-Knit Stretch Fabrics

Darlington Fabrics Corp. – a manufacturer of warp-knit elastic fabrics, textiles and stretch goods
for the apparel and medical industries, and a division of The Moore Co. Textile Group, Westerly,
R.I. – has introduced its unbroken loop (UBL) line of warp-knit loop fabrics that combines stretch
with hook receptive durability and offers benefits such as stability without raveling, strength,
colorfastness, washability, softness and value.

Darlington also has launched a line of fire retardant (FR) warp-knit stretch fabrics that do
not require post treatments such as flame coating. The polyester/spandex fabrics are available in a
variety of weights and widths, and are suitable for applications including military, flags,
industrial protection and safety.

June 9, 2009