TIEHH’s Decontamination Wipe Creation Process Receives Patent

The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Lubbock, Texas-based Texas Tech
University (TTU) has received a US patent for its process used to create nonwoven toxic chemical
decontamination wipes such as Fibertect™.  The technology was invented by Seshadri Ramkumar –
an associate professor in TIEHH’s Nonwovens and Advanced Materials Laboratory – and a team of

“This is an important milestone in the commercial development of the product and will aid
our partner, Hobbs Bonded Fiber, in its marketing and sales efforts,” said David Miller, vice
chancellor of TTU’s Office of Technology Commercialization, which licensed the technology to Waco,
Texas-based Hobbs.

“The process for which the patent has been issued focuses on a multilayered wipe with a
unique fabric structure, which can wipe liquid and vapor toxins,” Ramkumar said. “Also, it lends
itself to the use of cotton and other fibers, depending on the need. The wipe can be used on human
skin and military equipment.”

May 5, 2009