Optimer Offers Non-Museled Dri-release® Wool, Receives REACH Certification

Wilmington, Del.-based Optimer Brands has completed testing and certification of non-museled wool
sources for use in its Dri-release® wool yarns featuring FreshGuard® moisture-management and
odor-eliminating technology. Museling — an invasive and reportedly painful procedure performed on
merino sheep in parts of Australia to prevent insect infestations — has become a subject of public
debate concerning humane practices in raising sheep.


“A lot of wool is purchased through co-ops or comes from various origins that cannot be
certified,” said Karen Deniz, director of marketing, Dri-release. “Though limited so far, we have
been able to identify the chain of sourcing through our spinners in order to offer the alternative
of non-museled wool.”

In other company news, Luxemburg-based Chemservice S.A. — an independent regulatory affairs
service — has certified Optimer’s Dri-release with FreshGuard to be compliant with Registration,
Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), a European community regulation
covering chemicals and their safe use.

“We knew Dri-release and FreshGuard were safe, but wanted to go the extra mile and have it
checked so our customers that market in the European Union could be assured of REACH compliance,”
Deniz said.

April 14, 2009