Batson Partners With Fleissner, Represents National Wire

Greenville-based Batson Group Inc. now offers Germany-based Fleissner GmbH’s spunlace and chemical
bonding systems as well as its belt and perforated drum ovens. Batson will market and sell
Flessner’s products in the United States and Canada through its representation of Charlotte-based
American Truetzschler Inc. Fleissner’s products include the AquaJet, Jumbo AquaJet, LeanJet and
MiniJet spunlace systems; a line of belt ovens for thermobonding processing; and a line of
perforated drum systems for thermobonding, drying processes, and heatsetting with or without needle

Batson also has partnered with Star City, Ark.-based National Wire Fabric Inc. to offer
metallic and man-made wires and fabrics. National Wire manufactures wires and belts featuring a
one-piece, non-welded cable construction that allows the wire to run at high speeds. Products are
constructed from combinations of stainless steel, carbon steel and bronze and include caul screens,
forming and dryer fabrics, backing wires, press screens and oven wires.

April 7, 2009