NSC Nonwoven Introduces IsoProDyn® And IsoProfile® For Crosslaid Nonwovens

France-based NSC nonwoven reports the addition of Isodynamics to its ProDyn® and Profile
crosslapper technologies enables production of crosslaid nonwoven roll goods that exhibit uniform
physical properties including weight and tensile properties, while also reducing production costs.
According to the company, IsoProDyn® eliminates the need to average tensile and elongation values
across a needlepunched fabric and to produce thicker felts in order to achieve minimum weight
standards and desired overall performance criteria for a given end-product; and IsoProfile®
improves cross-directional weight uniformity over that achieved using traditional profile
batt-shaping technology. IsoProfile also can be retrofitted to existing needlepunch lines that do
not feature ProDyn capabilities in order to improve uniformity.

Recent IsoProDyn installations at Belgium-based Bonar Technical Fabrics NV and Summerville,
S.C.-based Thrace-Linq Inc. are being used to produce geotextile nonwoven felts.

Automotive applications such as molded felts also can benefit from improved uniformities
offered by Isodynamics, NSC nonwoven reports.

NSC nonwoven’s complete report on its IsoProDyn and IsoProfile technological innovations

March 31, 2009