BioNeutral Group Forms Advanced Bio-Fiber Treatment Corp.

Newark, N.J.-based life sciences company BioNeutral Group Inc. has formed a wholly owned subsidiary
to commercialize its combinational chemistry-based technology for neutralizing hazardous
environmental contaminants, toxins and micro-organisms in surface, water and airborne applications.
Advanced Bio-Fiber Treatments Corp. will concentrate on treating fibers and textiles with Ogiene™,
BioNeutral’s anti-chemical technology to eliminate chemicals such as formaldehyde, and Ygiene™, its
antimicrobial formulation.

“Ogiene and Ygiene can be used in the treatment of fibers and textiles for a market which is
becoming increasingly concerned about dangerous chemicals and pathogens which attach to clothing,
especially [consumers] who are at high risk for such exposures or where markets place an emphasis
on these concerns,” said Dr. Andy Kielbania, chief scientist.

“For people who are prone to sores, allergies to certain textiles, chemicals, and pathogens
found in garments and for those who come into contact with bodily fluids, the ongoing protection
provided by Ogiene and Ygiene could prove an important element in maintaining personal and family
health,” said Stephen J. Browand, president and CEO, BioNeutral Group. “There is an existing market
selling garments to diabetics, athletes, students, children and those who are recuperating from
medical treatments and this is a billion dollar market which we intend to enter.”

March 31, 2009