The Rupp Report: The Summit Of The Global MMF Industry

Class never goes out style. This very well-known saying is valid not only for fashion. In times of
way too many exhibitions, seminars and other “not to be missed” events, the Dornbirn Man-Made
Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, Austria, is an exception. Since its inception, the conference has
changed a lot.

Communicating The Textile Future

The 48th Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Conference will take place September 16-18, 2009. Its main
motto is “Communicating the Textile Future,” and climate change is one of its main issues.
Furthermore, despite the effects of the financial and energy crises on the economy and subsequent
cost-saving measures, there is still a possibility of a positive future. According to organizers,
the conference dedicates “the time to reflect and develop models for solutions: How to implement
more quality-minded, innovative, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, resource-saving findings
from industry and academic research into optimized manufacturing processes and multi-functional,
market-suitable products.”

Closer To Reality

In the beginning and for many years, the Dornbirn event was a get-together for chemists and
physicists only. The papers were on a scientific level that was hardly understandable. This has
changed in the last 20 years, and the change is the main reason for its ongoing success. The
congress is the leading European/American man-made-fibers industry event and maintains access to
the impressive potential of the industry and the scientific and technical potential of universities
and institutes for the largest-possible audience of innovators, opinion leaders, developers,
product managers and students.

The conference focuses on issues of current interest, not only for the papers but also for
networking. Usually, more than 600 to 700 experts from all over the world come together in
Dornbirn. Topics include: new developments in fibers; fibers for medical and hygiene applications;
fibers for composites, transportation and professional wear; fibers used the context of climate
change; and European Union research projects.

Climate Change Of Major Interest

Climate change is one of the main topics. Communication among the participants will be
facilitated through lecture modules and – fortunately – a slight decrease in the total number of
presentations. The plenary session on the first day will include among others a lecture by the
Bavarian State Collection for Soology referring to the topic: “Climate Change – Biological View.”
The American Chemical Society will present a paper on “Green Chemistry.” And the German Association
of Composite Manufacturers will present market-development trends for composites. Last, but not
least, the European man-made fiber association, The International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres
Committee, will discuss development strategies for the European man-made fibers industry.

According to the organizers, the event is keeping prices at last year’s level but would like
to link it with an appeal to all decision-makers and persons responsible for the budget to actively
support its endeavors. Participants who register by May 31, 2009, will receive an early bird bonus

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February 24, 2009