Nanohorizons Appoints SmartSilver™ Agent In Japan

State College, Pa.-based NanoHorizons Inc. has appointed Toshinobu Hirohata as an authorized sales
and technical support agent in Japan for its SmartSilver™ nanoscale antimicrobial additive for
textile, healthcare, coatings and plastics applications.

“SmartSilver has been proven effective, durable and safe, and is cost effectively integrated
into the manufacturing process,” Toshinobu Hirohata said. “For these reasons, there is a growing
interest and demand in the Asian market to use SmartSilver for a variety of applications, including
hosiery, functional garments, sports apparel and medical textiles. I look forward to providing
customers with the unique performance features of SmartSilver.”

February 24, 2009