SmartSilver™ Antimicrobial Protection Now Available For Technical Fibers

State College, Pa.-based NanoHorizons Inc. – developer of SmartSilver™ nanoscale antimicrobial
additive for textile, healthcare, coatings and plastics applications – and Philadelphia-based
commission specialty dyer G.J. Littlewood & Son Inc. have developed a process to incorporate
SmartSilver into high-performance technical fibers such as Basofil®, Kevlar®, Nomex® and Twaron®.

NanoSilver – which is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and has received
Oeko-Tex approval as a safe, cost-effective, permanent antimicrobial, anti-odor treatment – is
applied to the fibers during the dyeing process. Less of the nanoscale additive is required to
provide the benefit comparable to that provided by traditional silver-based treatments. In
addition, other performance additives, such as for moisture management and flame retardancy, retain
their full function in NanoSilver-treated fabrics, according to NanoHorizons.

Littlewood also is investigating the integration of SmartSilver into fibers used in air
filtration systems and for medical textiles such as minor post-surgical after-bandage applications.

December 2, 2008