Naturally Advanced Technologies Conducting Trials To Commercialize Crailar® Technology

Canada-based Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. (NAT) — a developer of proprietary technology to
process bast fibers including industrial hemp for use in casual apparel, performance yarns,
advanced composites, biopolymers, industrial filters and absorbent pulp and paper products — is
conducting bulk commercialization trials with a leading US apparel manufacturer and a North
American pulp and paper producer. Trial results will help the company plan its next course of
action to bring its Crailar® Organic Fiber and Advanced Materials technology — developed by its
wholly owned subsidiary, Crailar Fiber Technologies Inc. — to the market. The company expects to
announce the results by the end of November.

“These trials are a significant milestone in our long-term strategy to commercialize the
patented Crailar Technology Platform, which we developed in partnership with the National Research
Council of Canada and the Alberta Research Council,” said Ken Barker, CEO, NAT. “We are very
excited to reach the final stages of the trials and look forward to discussing the results and our
preliminary plans to apply this technology on a large commercial scale.”

Crailar technology makes use of industrial hemp’s natural properties, including tensile
strength, thermoregulation, antimicrobial and abrasion resistance. Industrial hemp cultivation does
not require the use of pesticides or herbicides; it flourishes in cool climates; is
drought-tolerant; benefits the soil; and supports the elimination of greenhouse gases.

October 21, 2008