Gerber Technology Introduces Two Software Solutions For PLM Suite

Gerber Technology, a business unit of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: GRB) and the world leader in
automated CAD/CAM and PLM solutions for the apparel and flexible materials industry, introduced two
new software offerings – webFolio and webView – for their suite of Fashion Lifecycle Management
(FLM) solutions during the Tenth Annual Gerber Software Users Conference last week.

“This year’s Users Conference was a big success with record attendance and a lot of
excitement about the launch of two new components to our PLM suite, webFolio and webView”, said
Bill Brewster, Gerber Technology’s Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Management. 
“These solutions, in combination with webPDM, provide a true end-to-end solution for the process of
bringing fashion products to market.”


webFolio is Gerber’s new Line Planning product that kicks off the entire product
lifecycle.  webFolio provides visual collaboration tools and an intuitive user interface that
allows an organization to digitally create collections. Multiple people can create, collaborate and
communicate plans on an entire collection, select groupings or individual styles.

webFolio consists of Storyboards, Design Plans and Styles that represent the Collection
Plan.  Storyboards visually communicate the theme, spirit and individual characteristics of
collections. Designers can easily import and arrange multiple images that express their vision.
Design Plans represent flexible product groupings that are identified by user-defined attributes
such as fabrics, seasons or themes.

Once styles are adopted, webFolio integrates seamlessly with webPDM to automatically
pre-populate style folders. Users can launch webPDM directly from webFolio.

“webFolio allows designers and developers to digitally create collections and communicate
these in a variety of formats”, said Elizabeth King, Gerber Technology’s Director of Software
Applications. “The flexibility and collaborative nature of the storyboards allow ideas and
inspirations to be thrown together in a sandbox, massaged, refined and then finalized.  It
truly brings to life both the front end and the back end of the creative process.”


webView is a workflow solution consisting of a set of tools to manage events against
detailed and/or milestone calendars. It provides insight into product design and development
processes to track the progress of all user-defined entities including tasks as well as requests
for quotes, samples and other items. For example, users can track the progress of sample requests,
approvals, rejections and new submissions.   webView can also monitor vendor turn time
and success rates.

webView defines major tasks and dates along with responsible parties.  It displays
actual versus planned milestone dates and sends email alerts to keep development on track and on
time. webView can also simulate possible date revisions based on what-if scenarios.

Each user is presented a personalized to-do list and receives an aggregate view of their
tasks generated from all calendars within the system.  The view of this to-do list can be
filtered dynamically by multiple attributes.

A set of standard reports and dashboards are provided by webView, as well as an optional tool
or service for customized reports and dashboards.  Dashboards graphically present the progress
of all collection and seasonal activity.

“webView provides a straightforward workflow solution that replaces a company’s reliance on
many different Excel worksheets to track and monitor all of the important and iterative components
of a product’s lifecycle,” said Elizabeth King, Gerber Technology’s Director of Software
Applications. “webView extends the flexibility of Fashion Lifecycle Management’s modular structure.
In addition to webView, the existing FLM workflow offers more enterprise-wide supply chain
management functionality.”

Both of these new offerings are now available for installation at qualifying customer sites.

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About Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology (, a business unit of $640
million corporation Gerber Scientific, Inc., develops and manufactures the world’s leading brands
of integrated software and hardware automation systems for the sewn products and flexible materials
industries. These systems automate and significantly improve the efficiency of information
management, product design and development, pre-production and production processes. The company
offers specialized solutions to a variety of end-user markets including apparel, aerospace,
transportation interiors, furniture, composites and industrial fabrics. Gerber Technology’s world
headquarters are located in Tolland, Connecticut, U.S.A. with regional offices, agents and
distributors in more than 126 countries serving a total of over 20,500 customers through 16
Customer Solutions Centers on six continents. The company engineers and manufactures its products
in various locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.  This year marks the company’s
40th anniversary.Established in 1968, Gerber Technology is one of four businesses of Gerber
Scientific, Inc. ( of South Windsor,
Connecticut, U.S.A., a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the “GRB” symbol.

October 28, 2008

Press Release Courtesy of Gerber Technology