Avery Dennison Offers Upgraded ItemSight™ Solution

Pasadena, Calif.-based Avery Dennison Corp.’s Information and Brand Management Division now is
offering an updated ItemSight™ solution for achieving compliance with Department of Defense (DOD)
textile and apparel radio frequency identification (RFID) mandates.

ItemSight is a software system that enables users to access contracts and orders from the
Virtual Item Manager Apparel Research Network Supply Chain Automation Process (VIM ASAP) via
personal computer. According to the company, it’s the only system that communicates directly with
VIM ASAP and can verify items selected and packaged according to the actual contract.

The new solution’s Subcontractor Module parses orders to an apparel producer’s vendors, thus
allowing the vendors to return data to the producer in a DOD-required format. The module can track
data for each subcontractor, such as contract size, quantity of finished goods and remaining
quantity to be produced.

“The DOD has a rating system that rewards companies that submit data accurately and in
accordance with their RFID requirements,” said Mike Shabet, global sales manager, Avery Dennison. “
The reward is faster payment. Plus, a higher ranking in the rating system shows the company in a
more favorable light for the awarding of future contracts.”

The new ItemSight solution includes ItemSight software, a Psion Model 7525C handheld scanner,
a docking station; a three-year service contract on hardware; and pre-encoded, pre-serialized RFID
carton and pallet labels. Companies that wish to print and encode their own labels can use Avery
Dennison’s AP5.4 RFID label printer and LMS software to do so.

October 7, 2008