APDN To Mark Yorkshire Textiles And Fabrics With SigNature™ DNA

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN), a Stony Brook, N.Y.-based provider of DNA encrypted and embedded
authentication solutions, will partner with the England-based Textile Centre of Excellence
association of companies to mark Yorkshire-made textiles and fabrics with APDN’s patented
SigNature™ DNA solution.

In the first phase of the collaboration, APDN will illustrate how SigNature DNA can be
utilized to authenticate textiles throughout the supply chain, as well as how the DNA can be
integrated with current processes to manufacture threads, fabrics and labels produced by
Yorkshire-based companies. The initial funding for the project’s first phase, which began in
August, is 50,000 pounds, with the possibility for additional funding once it is successfully
completed in December 2008. If the beginning phase is successful, APDN’s next step will be to
create the genetic assays and authentication methodologies for distinguishing Yorkshire-made
threads, fabrics and labels, using its BioMaterial™ Genotyping program for raw fibers, including
wool, cashmere and silk.

Counterfeit items are increasingly becoming an issue in the textile and apparel industry,
causing billions of dollars to be lost globally because of seizures and losses. To help protect
brands and intellectual property, APDN has developed its SigNature DNA encrypted and embedded
solutions and BioMaterial Genotyping so items can be forensically authenticated by machine-readable

“Yorkshire companies are leading the world in developing technical, performance, and smart
textiles and now, the use of botanical DNA will forensically authenticate Yorkshire-made products,”
said Bill Macbeth, managing director of the Textile Centre for Excellence. “We are very excited to
integrate state-of-the-art technologies to elevate the standard of textiles and apparel made in
Yorkshire and used throughout the world.”

September 16, 2008