Invista Unveils Cordura® Brand Baselayer Fabric

Wichita, Kan.-based Invista — a global integrated fibers and polymers manufacturer — has partnered
with Ontario-based performance apparel designer, marketer and distributor Tac Wear to create the
new Cordura® brand Baselayer fabric for soldiers. Originally designed in 2007 as a medium-weight
Cordura NYCO knit, the new Cordura Baselayer retains its durability and abrasion-resistant
characteristics, but has been redeveloped as a more comfortable, breathable, lightweight fabric
with moisture management and next-to-skin performance properties.

Constructed with a blend of Invista T420 nylon 6,6 fiber and cotton, the Cordura Baselayer’s
fabric features no melt/no drip properties to help protect soldiers caught in flash fire situations
such as those caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or vehicle fires. The fabric offers
insulating properties and, when exposed to high temperatures, forms gels and chars around the
cotton, creating a completely new fabric structure that has a higher ignition resistance and won’t
drip or melt on the wearer’s skin as polyester does.

“With the recent military ban of polyester-based undergarments for combat soldiers, there is
a need for the Cordura brand Baselayer,” said Jon Heard, global business director, Invista’s nylon
staple and government business. “And it’s because of the fabric’s no melt, no drip feature that we’v
e developed the ‘Defend Your Base™’ positioning to help sell the fabric blend’s most important
quality — thermal performance.”

The Tac Wear undergarments made with Baselayer fabric are available in long- and short-sleeve
T-shirts, as well as balaclavas, skullcaps and boxer briefs.

August 19, 2008