NWS Begins Operations In New Facility

NonWoven Solutions LLC (NWS), a partnership formed by Gerry Leineberg, Frank Porto, Steve Brown,
Tom Leineberg and Joe Leineberg, has commenced production at its new Ingleside, Ill., plant.

N. Schlumberger and Signal Corp. supplied the plant’s production line, which includes in-line
calendering, flame singeing and high-density needling. The line can produce 4.4-meter widths,
fibers in denier ranges of 1 to 15, and weights ranging from 90 to 1500 grams per square meter. It
also uses the latest versions of the Excelle Card, along with ProDyn web management to achieve
coefficients of variation of less than 1 percent, according to the company. The NWS facility
manufactures fabrics for medical, personal care, hygiene, filtration, absorbents, technical and
other specialty applications.

July 1, 2008