French Army Chooses Kermel® For Fatigues

France-based Kermel — a manufacturer of meta-aramid fibers used in protective clothing — has
announced that the French Army has chosen Kermel® V50 and VMC40 fabrics to outfit its troops for
the FELIN® (Infantry with Integrated Equipment and Connectivity) Project.

Kermel V50 combines softness with thermal protection and the absorption capacity of flame
resistant (FR) viscose, and is suitable for battledress uniforms worn in the summer and
mid-seasons. Kermel VMC40 is a soft, durable camouflage fabric with humidity transfer and FR,
making it suitable for cold weather and damp conditions. Kermel fabrics also are colorfast and can
be used for any type of camouflage dress.

The French Army will provide Kermel-based gear to the first battalions beginning in late

June 17, 2008