DyStar Launches New Dyes For Wool

Frankfurt-based DyStar Textilfarben GmbH & Co. Deutschland KG has added two new reactive dyes
to its Realan® EHF range for wool dyeing, bringing the total number of dyes in that range to 11.

Realan Brilliant Red EHF produces bright red shades, while Realan Brilliant Blue EHF is a
greenish-blue dye used for trichromatic combinations. According to DyStar, the addition of the two
dyes to the Realan EHF range enables improved color constancy under any light source. The company
also reports the dyes’ compatibility and fiber coverage result in good reproducibility and

In addition, according to Brian Connolly, global business development management for wool
dyes, DyStar, effluent loading from dyehouses is reduced, and the dyes comply with Oeko-Tex 100
standards including articles for infants.

June 17, 2008