Milliken, G&K To Supply BioSmart™ Textiles To Food Services Industry

Spartanburg-based textile and chemical manufacturer Milliken & Company and Minneapolis-based
supplier of branded identity apparel and facility services G&K Services Inc. have extended
their contract to provide BioSmart™ apparel and towels to the food services industry.

Milliken’s patent-pending antibacterial and antiviral BioSmart technology binds chlorine
molecules to textile surfaces, reducing microbial cross-contamination in such industries as food
services, healthcare and public safety; as well as for activewear, sports apparel and military
applications. When washed according to care instructions using Environmental Protection
Agency-approved chlorine bleach, textiles treated with the technology have been shown to kill 99.9
percent of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Hepatitis A, and other common
bacteria and viruses. The technology can be applied to fabrics made with cotton, man-made-fiber and
polyester/cotton blends.

G&K provides towels and apparel treated with BioSmart as part of its patent-pending
ProSura™ food safety solutions program for processing plants, restaurants and retail food service
departments. The program also is used in conjunction with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
programs to ensure proper documentation of procedures and controls.

“BioSmart has allowed us to bridge the gap between customers’ written standard operating
procedures and the realities of operating in a food environment by helping mitigate the risk of
human error,” said Carter Bray, marketing director, G&K. “The reaction of the market has led us
to develop additional BioSmart products, which we expect to introduce before the end of this fiscal

March 18, 2008