ITG Teams With LNJ Bhilwara For Denim Production In India

Greensboro, N.C.-based International Textile Group Inc.’s (ITG’s) Cone Denim division has entered
into a commercial and marketing partnership with RSWM Ltd., part of the India-based LNJ Bhilwara
Group, a global conglomerate whose textile business exports yarn and fabric to more than 60

Under the partnership, Cone Denim and LNJ will develop and market LNJ-Cone Denim® branded
denim fabric, with Cone Denim taking responsibility for product development and design and
marketing of the fabrics in key global markets, and LNJ producing the fabrics at its new denim
production site in Banswara, India.

“Cone Denim has found in LNJ a partner with the people, facilities and values consistent with
success in our business,” said Tom McKenna, president, Cone Denim. “The combined strength of our
denim teams is formidable. We are full speed ahead and expect to bring product to market during the
current quarter.”

“LNJ Bhilwara Group has a strong reputation globally for innovative and quality textiles,”
said Riju Jhunjhunwala, joint managing director, RSWM. “We are delighted with the opportunity to
expand our capabilities in denim through partnership with Cone Denim, a world leader in denim.”

Besides the new operation in India, Cone Denim’s global production network includes sites in
the United States, Mexico, Central America, China and Turkey.

March/April 2008