Freudenberg Evolon Wins ECARF Seal Of Quality

France-based Freudenberg Evolon’s Evolon® nonwoven fabric was recently awarded the European Centre
for Allergy Research Foundation’s (ECARF’s) seal of quality recognizing the fabric’s ability to
provide a physical layer of protection against dust mite allergies when used in mite-proof
encasements. Freudenberg Evolon is the first company to be awarded the seal for an encasement

Evolon fabric consists of dense, entangled microfilaments that create a compact, protective
layer against microscopic allergen particles, such as dust mite allergens, that abound in pillows,
duvets and mattresses. It is produced without the use of solvents and binders from stable,
environmentally safe raw materials.

“Evolon’s ability to offer a natural and physical barrier that is 100-percent safe,
comfortable and effective makes it the method of mite-proof protection recommended by medical
specialists,” said Guenter Schmitt, market manager, Home & Industrial Furnishings Europe,
Freudenberg Evolon. “As a result, Evolon mite-proof mattress, pillow and duvet encasings bridge the
gap between performance and comfort, representing a significant leap for dust mite allergy
sufferers everywhere.”

March 4, 2008