ITG’s BWW Division Teams With Rodina To Launch Worsted Collection

The Burlington WorldWide (BWW) division of Greensboro, N.C.-based International Textile Group Inc.
(ITG) and Italy-based Lanificio Alfredo Rodina S.r.l. have formed a partnership to market and sell
an exclusive line of fine worsted wool fabrics, launched this week as the Burlington® esenzia
Collection by Rodina.

Rodina, a family-owned luxury worsted fabric designer and producer located in the Biella
region of northern Italy, will develop and design the fabrics, which will be woven using the
lower-cost manufacturing platforms of ITG’s Mexico-based Casimires operation and ITG’s sister
company OCM India Ltd., based in India. BWW will market and sell the collection in North America,
and Rodina will do the same in Europe and Asia.

“We are very pleased to expand our design and product capabilities to include a lower-cost
platform that utilizes BWW’s global supply chain for our fine worsteds, in addition to our
established Italian line,” said Adriano Rodina, president, Lanificio Alfredo Rodina. “The Burlingon
esenzia line combines our renowned Bielli craftsmanship with the strength of the Burlington brand
to create a line of exciting new fabrics.”

“The ability to develop and produce Italian-inspired products through a lower-cost Indian
manufacturing platform opens significant new market opportunities for fine worsted fabrics,” said
Patrick Palmer, executive vice president, BWW. “The partnership with Rodina enhances BWW’s worsted
wool line and creates a level of luxury and value that has not been possible before.”

February 5, 2008