US DOC Awards Export Achievement Certificate To Knit-Rite

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) recently awarded Knit-Rite Inc. — a Kansas City, Kan.-based
producer of medical and consumer textiles — its Export Achievement Certificate in recognition of
Knit-Rite’s first sales to businesses in Greece, Lebanon and Turkey.

Knit-Rite exports products such as prosthetic socks, diabetic socks, compression hosiery and
orthotic textiles, among other products, to more than 40 countries including Mexico, Chile and

The certificate program recognizes businesses that have successfully made their first export
sale and/or entered new foreign markets with assistance from the US Commercial Service, a DOC
agency that aids small to mid-sized US companies sell products worldwide. Knit-Rite achieved the
sales in Greece, Lebanon and Turkey with the assistance of services provided by the Kansas City US
Export Assistance Center.

“The Commercial Service has saved our company valuable time and resources, enabling us to
boost our exports and achieve a higher level of sales in the face of international competition,”
said Chris Vering, executive vice president, CFO and COO, Knit-Rite. “Our export sales continue to
make a vital contribution to our company’s growth here at home, enabling us to both maintain and
add local jobs.”

August 28, 2007