TrapTek Receives Patent For Fabric Technology

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent # 7,247,374 to Longmont, Colo.-based TrapTek
LLC for technology to keep particles active in fibers, films and coatings. The patent is the third
of several patents TrapTek and Dr. Gregory Haggquist, a company founder, have applied for in
connection with fabric technologies the company is developing using natural sources.

TrapTek is using the patented technology in its award-winning Cocona™ branded coatings,
fibers, yarns and fabrics. Cocona fibers are embedded with activated carbon particles derived from
recycled coconut shells to provide evaporative cooling as well as trap ultraviolet light and odors
in the particles’ pore structure. The technology encapsulates the activated carbon during fiber
extrusion to prevent the pores from being filled with polymer. A finishing process removes the
protective layer from the yarn and allows the particles to function as intended.

“This patent recognizes the innovations of Dr. Haggquist, an outstanding scientist who has
uniquely added active particles to increase the performance of fibers, fabrics and films,” said
Brad Poorman, president, TrapTek.

Licensees of Cocona products include more than 40 North American and European brands
including Champion, Cutter and Buck, Dockers, Eddie Bauer, Haggar, Marmot, Oakley and VauDe, among

July 31, 2007