Lectra Introduces Kaledo Software For Fashion Design

Paris-based Lectra has developed the Kaledo suite of software solutions targeted to fashion
designers. The new software — which includes Kaledo Collection, Kaledo Print, Kaledo Knit and
Kaledo Weave for designing prints, knits and yarn-dyed woven fabric collections, respectively.

The user-friendly textile software enables fashion designers to produce more designs and
authenticate collections faster by making all necessary data available throughout the design
process. Designs, along with combinations of styles, components and materials are saved
automatically; any subsequent changes to those characteristics are reflected throughout the

“In a competitive environment, our clients need to strengthen their brand image and increase
their ability to innovate,” said Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra. “Thirty of our best engineers and
technicians and over 10 million euros have been devoted to developing the new Kaledo range over the
past six years. By making design easier and integrating it into the product life cycle very early
on, we allow our clients to take a great step forward in speeding up their collection development
and strengthening their competitiveness at the same time.”

Kaledo also enables datasharing in real time, enabling more efficient communication amongst
design teams and faster product development cycles, according to Lectra. The software also is
closely linked to Lectra Fashion PLM, allowing collection developers direct access to designers’

“With Kaledo Collection, our teams can free themselves from repetitive, time-consuming tasks
to focus on designing,” said Philippe Cornillot, CEO of France-based PMC Lingerie — the first
company to use the new software in its design office. “Our company’s added value is design. We show
our clients our exclusive designs based on documents developed with Kaledo Collection, and
consequently, we can sell without having to make samples and take orders even before the products
are actually finalized.”

July 31, 2007