Biancalani Unveils Airo®24 For Fabric Finishing

Italy-based Biancalani S.p.A. has introduced the Airo®24 machine for drying and softening fabrics
in continuous and in open width. According to the company, the new machine’s drying capacity of 400
kilograms per hour, treatment speed of 2,400 meters per minute (m/min) and productivity of 40 m/min
translate into reduced production costs — with the lowest cost per meter compared with production
costs of similar machines, while at the same time ensuring the hand effect associated with Airo
finishing in all types of fabrics.

Biancalani reports fabrics processed using the Airo24 also exhibit very good dimensional
stability and shrinkage, bright and pleasing color, and abrasion resistance without generating
hairiness. Within particular fabrics, advantages include improved shape retention in technical
fabrics; fuller, more luxurious terry cloth; good body in cottons; and added value in silk and wool

July 3, 2007