Milliken Launches Performance Solutions Business

Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, has established Milliken Performance Solutions, a
business group based in Spartanburg that will offer performance improvement services to

According to the company, the new group will expand services Milliken traditionally has offered
to its customers and suppliers as part of its supply chain development efforts. Going forward,
companies not part of Millikens traditional base also will have access to these services.

“The decision to provide performance services is a direct result of companies across the United
States requesting Millikens assistance to improve operating performance as the competitive bar has
been continuously raised,” said Craig Long, vice president, Six Sigma and Quality, who will oversee
Performance Solutions.

The group will offer two core services: the Milliken Performance System a daily management
system designed to improve operational efficacy and efficiency; and the Milliken Safety Process a
process by which companies may assess workplace conditions and implement plans and management
initiatives to ensure safety.

May/June 2007