Datacolor Supplies Pantone, Coats With CONDITIONER™

Lawrenceville, N.J.-based Datacolor
recently supplied Pantone Inc. and Coats plc with a Datacolor CONDITIONER™ to support color
management in their respective operations. The Conditioner ensures color sample consistency by
conditioning samples at fixed humidity and temperature prior to measurement in only five to 10

Pantone, a Carlstadt, N.J.-based color specialist, will implement the Conditioner to
facilitate rapid conditioning of textile samples for color.

“Pantone selected Datacolor as a new supplier of reliable, high-quality conditioner machines
to facilitate color management of our Smart Color Swatch Cards for the fashion and home
industries,” said Brooks Tippett, director, textile operations and development, Pantone. “We share
Datacolor’s passion and commitment for maintaining color throughout the manufacturing process to
deliver true color consistency across any substance.”

England-based Coats plc, a manufacturer of sewing thread and needlecraft products, will use
the Conditioner to speed up development and manufacture of thread coloration by doing away with
variability factors caused by varying environmental conditions in the more than 60 countries where
it maintains facilities.

“After extensive testing of different systems, Coats found that the Datacolor Conditioner
was robust and reliable to support the rapid conditioning of our standard thread samples,” said
Andrew Morgan, technology director, Coats. “In terms of cost and performance, we found Conditioner
to be the best machine to meet the demands of our global operations, and are pleased to have
Datacolor as a supplier of both conditioners and spectrophotometers in our global

May 29, 2007