Outlast, Kelheim Fibres Team To Incorporate PCMs Into Viscose Fiber

Outlast Technologies Inc., Boulder,
Colo., and Germany-based specialty fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres GmbH have developed the first
patented viscose fiber with incorporated Outlast® phase change materials (PCMs) to provide
temperature-regulating properties to the fiber.

According to Outlast, PCMs previously have been incorporated only into acrylic fibers. The
company anticipates the new Outlast viscose fiber will open up new apparel and home furnishings
opportunities. “With their ability to absorb excess heat, PCM fibers in apparel provide excellent
temperature buffering and comfort,” said Pat Gruber, CEO, Outlast. He mentioned applications
including intimate apparel, knitwear, dresses, shirts and blouses, and pants; as well as
bedspreads, blankets, mattress ticking and sheets. The new fiber, which retains all the inherent
properties of viscose, can be blended with cotton, polyamide, polyester, aramids and practically
any other fiber.

“[Kelheim’s] focus on innovative products and flexible technologies was well-suited to
successful incorporation of Outlast’s phase change technology into the viscose fiber,” said Martin
Bentz, managing director of Germany-based Outlast Europe GmbH. The two companies worked quickly to
develop Outlast viscose, making use of Kelheim’s pilot plant, and Kelheim now has created a special
unit to manufacture the product.

“We are very pleased with the high level of incorporation of microcapsules we have been able
to reach while still retaining the critical properties of viscose, such as processability,
dyeability and soft [hand],” said Robert Gregan, CEO, Kelheim.

October 17, 2006