Newson Gale Introduces Cenelectrex Clamps Cables

The latest Cenelectrex® clamps and
cables from Lakewood, N.J.-based Newson Gale Inc. may be used to dissipate static electricity when
using portable and mobile plant equipment and containers in hazardous areas. The Factory
Mutual-approved and ATEX-compliant stainless-steel static grounding and bonding clamps and
self-retracting Cen-Stat™ cables are available as separate items or as complete assemblies.

According to the company, the clamps meet standards for clamping force, vibration,
mechanical strength and electrical resistance; and feature sharp, hardened contact tips to
penetrate insulating layers such as paint, resins and rust. The chemical- and abrasion-resistant
coated cables are available in lengths of 10, 16, 32 and 48 feet; and are designed to maintain
their shape after 20,000 extensions.

When constant static grounding and bonding monitoring is needed or for safety-critical
applications, Newson Gale offers Bond-Rite Intrinsically Safe Self Testing Clamps and Earth-Rite
Static Ground Monitoring and Interlock systems.

October 24, 2006