Invista Looks To Expand Nylon 6,6 Production Worldwide

In response to increasing demand in
Asia for adiponitrile (ADN), hexamethylene diamine (HMD) and nylon 6,6 polymer, Invista, Wichita,
Kan., has begun engineering activities as it prepares to build an Asia-based nylon 6,6 facility
that will utilize its proprietary butadiene-based ADN technology. The new technology will enhance
the company’s competitive, low-cost position in that region, Invista reports.

The company has not finalized a location for the facility — which is expected to start up by
2011 — and is consulting key customers and suppliers in the region. “We are evaluating several
sites, but our current preferred option is to build in China, based on the continued growth
potential of that market and the needs of Chinese customers,” said Warren Primeaux, vice president,

In addition, Invista’s ADN and HMD facilities in Victoria and Orange, Texas, are in the
process of expanding capacity by 100 kilotons per year, with completion expected by 2008. Those
expansions — along with improvements underway at intermediate chemical production facilities in
Wilton, England, and Sakra, Singapore — are part of an effort to improve and add to the company’s
existing network of facilities in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Europe.

October 24, 2006