NCTO To Participate In AAPN Annual Meeting

The American Apparel Producers’
Network (AAPN), Atlanta, has invited members of the Washington-based National Council of Textile
Organizations (NCTO) to participate in its upcoming annual meeting, Sept. 13-15, 2006, focusing on
the man-made fiber apparel supply chain of the United States and the Central America-Dominican
Republic Free Trade Agreement region. The meeting will be held at the Watermark Hotel in San

According to Mike Todaro, AAPN managing director, the collaboration was “unusual” because
AAPN is apolitical and NCTO has a political agenda. “But, our meetings with the usual industry
organizations produce only usual results,” he explained. “So by going to a national organization of
fiber, yarn and fabric producers — one we’ve never worked with before, we’re trying something

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for US textile manufacturers to sit down at the table
with apparel manufacturers and retailers to develop new business, personal relationships, and the
necessary business infrastructure for an integrated supply chain,” said Mike Hubbard, vice
president, NCTO.

AAPN members and nonmembers may register for the meeting at

September/October 2006