TECHNOplants Introduces V-shaped ALLROUND Winder

Italy-based nonwovens machinery
manufacturer TECHNOplants S.r.l. reports customers may conduct trials using its new “V”-shaped
ALLROUND Winder® at its headquarters in Pistoia, Italy.

The new winder may be used in conjunction with the company’s combined slitting and
cross-cutting unit to cut, thread, wind and doff a variety of nonwovens automatically. According to
the company, the system operates at such a high speed that no accumulator is necessary.

The Allround Winder features: a slitting and crosscutting unit; high-speed doffing followed
by the material-threading action; high-speed mandrel injection; separately driven compression
carriage for automatic material threading based on the material’s weight and thickness, and
compression-controlled winding; and optional nonadhesive tape dispenser heads for roll taping
before doffing.

Batson Group Inc., Greenville, represents Technoplants in the United States and

June 6, 2006