Lectra Unveils ProSpinTechTexST Cutting Solution

Paris-based Lectra has introduced the
ProSpinTechTexST cutting table for industrial fabric applications. According to the company, the
new table allows users to cut pattern pieces from several cut lengths simultaneously or from roll
fabrics; and handles a range of flexible materials including polyvinyl chloride, composites and

Minimal training is required for the ProSpinTechTexST, which is available in cutting widths
of 72 inches or 100 inches and cutting lengths ranging from 9 to 55.5 feet. The table comes
equipped with a vibrating blade, punch and pen; and features a compartment air-feed device and a
material optimization program that allows on-the-spot, automatic marking. Marker and cutting
parameters can be stored for future use.

ProSpinPilot TechTex software is included to allow visual monitoring and real-time tracking
of cutting processes, and definition of multiple work areas. The software offers a cutting path
optimization system with in-line tool change and automatic marker-making for pieces in one model.
It also enables material files to be selected according to model and fabric, size or variant to be

Options include mosaic software for processing of stripes, plaids or prints that need to be
matched; a digital camera for detection of motif position to enable repositioning of pieces; and a
barcode reader to read barcoded cutting instructions.

June 6, 2006