Sole-Mate Tests Footwear For Hazardous Static Charge

Lakewood, N.J.-based Newson Gale Inc.
reports its Sole-Mate® tester determines whether workers are wearing nonconforming, nondissipative
footwear or gloves that can build up enough static charge to ignite dust clouds or solvent vapors
in hazardous areas.

The device, which typically would be installed at the entrance to a hazardous area, tests
the path of resistance from a floor plate, through the worker’s shoes and to the person’s finger,
and gives a pass or fail reading in seconds, according to the company. A shrill alarm and bright
light indicator will indicate whether the worker is wearing inappropriate shoes or gloves. One
version of the tester also features an integral doorway interlock that prevents access to a
hazardous area without a pass reading.

The Sole-Mate line includes models that connect directly to a 100-volt or 230-volt source.
The testers are dust- and water-tight, can measure footwear resistance according to U.S. and
European standards and are calibrated to National Measurement Accreditation Service standards,
Newson Gale reports. Also available is a calibration module that confirms the device’s

April 11, 2006