Hemptown Teams With Alberta Research Council Apparel Brands

Vancouver-based Hemptown Clothing Inc. has contracted the Alberta Research Council (ARC) to help
commercialize its Crailar textile fiber technology, which was developed jointly with the National
Research Council of Canada. Additionally, the company is supplying alternative textiles to apparel
brands Serum Versus Venom (SVSV), New York City, and Triple Five Soul, Los Angeles, for their
newest fashion lines.

ARC will conduct pilot tests on samples of the enzyme process that changes industrial hemp
into soft, white fiber, called Crailar, as part of the effort to develop large-scale commercial
textile applications in apparel, home wares, flooring and other uses. The enzyme will be applied to
full pilot plant samples to make 100-kilogram bundles of refined hemp fiber.

The process and end product is considered eco-friendly as hemp may be grown organically and
without the fresh water irrigation required by cotton, according to Hemptown.

“This is a key time in the development of Crailar. We look forward to seeing the results of
ARC’s tests and appreciate their help in assessing Crailar as a viable biotech tool in the
processing of hemp,” said Jerry Kroll, CEO, Hemptown.

In other company news, SVSV and Triple Five Soul will use Hemptown’s bamboo and soy fabrics
in their street-inspired apparel.

“Our partnership with SVSV will promote alternative organic fabric to a mainstream customer,”
said Jason Finnis, president, Hemptown. “[T]his alternative fabric line will go a long way to
promote organic textiles as a fashion item.”

January 1, 2006