TrapTek One Of Time Magazine’s Most Amazing Inventions Of 2005

Time Magazine’s annual issue
introducing the most amazing inventions of the year appeared on the stands today and TRAPTEK™
technology incorporated in Cannondale’s Carbon LE garments was selected for one of the world’s most
amazing inventions for 2005. TrapTek’s invention permanently embeds activated carbon, derived from
coconut shells, into fiber and yarns to enhance the performance of fabrics. The new fabrics,
engineered by United Knitting, exhibit a significant break through by not only managing or wicking
moisture, but also drying at unprecedented rates keeping cyclist cool and dry. Additionally, these
knits naturally trap odor and UV in the carbon pore structure, keeping the finished products fresh
and lightweight with superior UPF qualities.

“Being recognized by Time Magazine promotes our fibers many benefits to the consumer and the
amazing fact that it comes from coconuts.” says Brad Poorman, President TrapTek, LLC. “The
recognition for our invention would not have been possible without United Knitting and Cannondale’s
efforts to engineer exceptional fabrics and garments.”

“We first started working with the TRAPTEK™ product a year ago and immediately saw the
superior performance attributes that differentiated the product from anything on the market.” says
Phillip Sporidis General Manager, Global Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories, Cannondale Bicycle
Corporation. “We designed a collection of Men’s and Women’s products, head to toe, that are
engineered to deliver multiple comfort enhancing benefits to cyclists”.

Coconut shells are a waste product from the coconut industry and are well-recognized as
providers of the best activated carbon for filtering impurities from water and air, while adsorbing
unpleasant odors. The Cannondale cycling jersey made with TRAPTEK™ activated carbon particles
creates a surface area equal to that of a football field which rapidly disperses moisture
initiating an evaporative cooling effect.

“Imagine wiping a blackboard with a damp cloth; as the water spreads over the surface it
quickly evaporates. Athletes have noticed that products with TRAPTEK™ yarns aide the body’s natural
process of cooling through spreading and evaporating perspiration. Drier also translates into being
more comfortable in cold weather” says Gregory Haggquist Ph.D., the inventor of TRAPTEK™
technology. “We believe that coconut carbon is the right choice scientifically and by recycling a
natural material, it is a responsible choice. We realize all this attention to detail makes us a
little nuts; but we like it that way”.

TrapTek LLC., has developed a global supply chain and is developing multiple new ways of
delivering performance into yarns, fibers, films and even Chemical warfare protective garments. The
technology will add comfort, as well as freshness, to a variety of apparel products from athletic
gear, to polo shirts / lifestyle pieces, and even to business suits.

“United Knitting is constantly innovating throughout our offerings with new technologies and
constructions. TRAPTEK™ offers a yarn that has multiple benefits permanently embedded in the
product, so one yarn can deliver multiple functionalities.” said Jerry Miller, President of United
Knitting. “We can design our technical fabrics to highlight these benefits depending on what
activities the garments will be used and in what season”.

Press Release Courtesy of TrapTek, Cannondale and United Knitting

November 2005