Milliken’s 180 Walls™ Receives Greenguard Certification

The Atlanta-based Greenguard
Environmental Institute — a nonprofit organization that oversees the Greenguard Certification
Program for low-emitting products and establishes acceptable standards for interior products and
testing protocols — recently awarded Spartanburg-based Milliken & Company’s 180 Walls™
adhesive-backed textile wall covering with Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification. The product
was tested for emission performance and proven to meet Greenguard’s standards for low-emitting

“The Greenguard Certification of 180 Walls demonstrates Milliken’s commitment to our
customers and improving the indoor environment,” said Mark Will, director, marketing, Milliken. “In
addition to being low-emitting, 180 Walls is a high-performance product, combining antimicrobial
and stain-resistant technologies, adhering to walls for seven years and more, making this
innovative self-adhesive textile wall covering ideal for any interior.”

November 2005