Solutia Forms Vydyne Automotive Global Team

Solutia Inc. today announced the formation of the Vydyne Automotive global development team,
aimed at increasing its presence in the global automotive segment. Through the implementation of
this team, Solutia will offer a bundled family of nylon based product solutions for the automotive
market, including resins for injection molded and extruded components, and a portfolio of Technical
Nylon Fibers (TNF) for high performance tires, airbags, hoses, and high-end interiors. For over 30
years, Vydyne® has been the trade name for Solutia’s injection molding nylon resins. Today, Solutia
combined all of its nylon products and automotive personnel to form a focused global team, Vydyne

“We are experiencing strong global sales of our nylon products and have added individuals in
North America, Europe, and Asia to support the growth of our nylon products in automotive
applications,” said Michael Colella, global commercial director for Nylon Resins. “We have unique
core competencies and capabilities that we are leveraging to help our customers design new products
and improve their time-to-market.”

Vydyne® nylon resins are used in a variety of powertrain, chassis, and interior and exterior
vehicle applications such as radiator end tanks, air pistons, fuel filler doors, release levers,
exterior mirror brackets, oil filler tubes, and power steering reservoirs.

“The Vydyne Automotive marketing effort offers us an excellent opportunity to showcase the
breadth of nylon products and services we have for the OEM, Tier 1 and 2, and replacement
automotive markets,” said John Jurecko, automotive marketing for nylon resins. “In addition, we are
placing an increased emphasis on product development efforts and are planning a commercial launch
of several new products in early 2005.”

Technical Nylon Fibers are incorporated into critical applications such as airbags and high
performance tires. TNF also have a presence in multiple specialty applications that include air
brake diaphragm fabrics, military vehicle seating, and durable belts and hoses where the properties
of nylon 6,6 are demanded.

“Nylon 6,6 fibers for the technical automotive market have been an integral part of our business
for many years with a strong emphasis on performance, quality and durability,” said Michael Knight,
sales manager for Solutia’s Technical Nylon Fibers Division. “We see great potential value for our
Technical Nylon Fibers business by combining our product offerings and resources under Vydyne

For further information regarding Vydyne Automotive, please logon to, or
contact John Jurecko at 1-800-865-5508.

Press Release Courtesy of Solutia Inc.

January 2005