Zinser 351, 451 Modular Concepts Offer Flexibility

Germany-based Zinser, a subsidiary of Saurer GmbH & Co. KG, also based in Germany, now offers
modular concepts for its 351 cotton and 451 worsted ring-spinning machines. The company says the
concepts provide its customers with the flexibility to add features as needed after the initial
purchase of the machine. In developing the modular concepts, Zinser also has upgraded certain
modules including the ServoDraft electronic drafting system drive, CoWeMat to minimize doffing
time, and the OptiSuction system for energy-optimized suction of yarn breakage.

Cotton-spinning concepts include Zinser 351 for conventional ring spinning with a range of
applications and features, and Zinser 351 C3 for compact spinning using CompACT3 technology. In
addition, CompACT3 technology can be retrofitted on the Zinser 351 + model. CoreSpun and SiroSpun
technologies can be incorporated separately or in combination into the 351 machines, as can
FancyDraft technology.

For worsted spinning, the modular concept includes the standard Zinser 451 machine with an
array of applications and special features; and a wide frame that is the basis for Zinser 451 s,
which contains spin finger technology, and Zinser 451 C3, which contains CompACT3 technology.
Another option, Zinser 451 sC3, offers a combination of spin finger and CompACT3 technology.
CoreSpun and SiroSpun technologies also can be incorporated separately or in combination into 451

December 2004