INVISTA™ Introduces Carpet Cushion

INVISTA™ Interiors, Kennesaw, Ga., has introduced a STAINMASTER® carpet cushion featuring a
breathable moisture barrier and optional Odor Guard technology, as well as a carpet odor and spot
remover spray that features Odor Guard.

The new cushion produced in partnership with Richmond, Va.-based Carpenter Co. is the only
one on the market that features Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont’s Hytrel® breathable moisture
barrier. The barrier works in the same way Stainmaster carpet does, preventing damage from spills
by keeping them on top of the cushion where they can easily be cleaned. Odor Guard technology
permanently and continuously gets rid of odors by using enzymes that consume and eliminate organic
substances when they come into contact with moisture on the cushion’s surface.

The carpet system can be used on any subfloor surface. An extended warranty on the carpet is
provided when a customer purchases the Stainmaster carpet and the new cushion.

November 2004