WestPoint Stevens Targets Middle Eastern Markets

WestPoint Stevens Inc., West Point, Ga., has signed sales and distribution, and licensing
agreements with American Business Development (ABD), Germany. The agreements will introduce
WestPoint Stevens brands including Martex®, Lady Pepperell®, Utica®, Grand Patrician®, Vellux® and
others into Middle Eastern retail markets, and provide for its bedding and bath products for those
markets to be produced by selected Middle Eastern manufacturers.

“This has been a carefully developed strategy that requires the international expertise of a
partner such as American Business Development,” said Robert B. Bob Dale, president, Bed and Bath
Division, WestPoint Stevens. “ABD has all the skills and appreciation of cultural and geographic
characteristics that are essential to global marketing [and] is also acutely conscious of WestPoint
Stevens commitment to protecting the integrity of our brands and controlling the quality of our

October 2004