FA NI BP-06 Twin-Stop For RS Frames Reduces Waste

FA.NI. S.a.s., an Italy-based manufacturer of textile automation and control devices, says its
BP-06 Twin-Stop Roving Stop Motion offers advantages over its standard BP-06 Roving Stop Motion.
The original model is designed to stop the roving feed under the drafting arm in ring-spinning (RS)
frames when a yarn break occurs, reducing waste, preventing damage to the drafting unit or during
lap removal, and reducing multiple yarn breaks on adjacent spindles.

The BP-06 Twin-Stop halts the roving feed not only between the two feed rollers, but also
between the middle rollers, thereby reducing both the active waste produced by the break and the
passive waste produced by normal suction during spinning. The new device deactivates the suction
system during the spinning process and reactivates it when the spinning frame starts up. FA.NI.
claims this deactivation completely eliminates waste during the normal spinning phase and also
saves energy.

October 2004