ACIMIT Foundation Honors Students

The Milan-based Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) Foundation recently
honored 30 students from Italian textile technology colleges by awarding them grants for research
related to spinning, knitting and finishing machinery.

During an awards ceremony at ACIMIT Foundation headquarters, Angelo Vanali, ACIMIT past
president; and Federico Pellegata, ACIMIT director, presented nine grants worth 800 euros each for
research conducted by 24 students from five colleges located in Bergamo, Biella, Como, Prato and
Varese. The foundation also presented five special-mention half-prizes valued at 400 euros each to
six students for their research studies.

In addition to providing research grants to students, the ACIMIT Foundation supports textile
colleges and institutions by making available publications presenting Italian textile manufacturing
technology. Such publications include textbooks covering wool and cotton spinning, man-made fibers,
weaving, knitting and finishing technologies. These books have been translated into English for
distribution on CD-ROM, as well as into Chinese.

July 2004