X-Rite Unveils Benchtop Spectrophotometer

X-Rite UnveilsBenchtop SpectrophotometerX-Rite Inc., Grandville, Mich., recently launched the
X-RiteColor® Premier 8000 Series benchtop spherical spectrophotometer.Suitable for use on textiles,
coatings, plastics and liquids, according to X-Rite, the device features: built-in digital image
capture that allows the user to view and verify a sample prior to testing; horizontal and vertical
positioning for standard or top-loading testing; an easy-access, extra-wide transmission
measurement chamber for various-sized samples; a durable, maintenance-free Spectralon® Sphere; and
a USB interface to the X-RiteColor Master software, which manages both quality assurance and color
October 2002