Glenoit Fabrics Looks Ahead

Glenoit Fabrics Looks AheadNew York City-based Glenoit Fabrics (H.G.) Corp., formerly the sliver
knit pile fabric division of Glenoit Corp., is forming new supplier relationships, as well as
strategies to increase its global market share for pile fabrics.The company is now the North
American division of the China-based Haixin Group International Ltd., also a manufacturer of pile
fabrics. Haixin purchased the division from Glenoit Corp. earlier this year.Glenoit is working with
suppliers of acrylic and modacrylic fiber and raw materials including Germany-based Dralon and
Japan-based Mitsubishi, Kaneka and Mitsui to develop new fibers for Glenoit to use in its
fabrics.The company also is looking into new markets. Glenoit and Haixin pile fabrics currently
comprise approximately 25 percent of global production of these fabrics.Our manufacturing
flexibility allows us and our customers a range of economic, geographic and logistical advantages,
said Larry Levine, president and COO, Glenoit Fabrics. The company can supply fabric from its U.S.
and Canadian mills and from Haixins mills in China, as well as provide complete manufacturing
services as needed.
October 2002