Carpet Technology On View

Since 1993, the Dalton Floor Covering Market Association (DFCMA), Dalton, Ga., has sponsored the
biennial Carpet Technologies Show® to present the latest machinery and equipment available to the
carpet and rug industry. The 2001 show, to be held September 11-13 at the NorthWest Georgia Trade
and Convention Center, Dalton, is expected to draw 4,500 to 5,000 attendees and exhibitors.This
years show will include Global Outlook 2001, a forum presenting internationally recognized carpet
industry leaders to discuss the state of the carpet and rug industry. This is a must-attend for
those in the industry to see the latest in international equipment, machinery and support for their
business, said Wanda Ellis, executive director, DFCMA. And with Global Outlook 2001, they can hear
first-hand about those issues that will directly affect business in the months and years to come.
It will easily be the most important Carpet Technologies Show we have held.  Schedule of
EventsMonday, September 1012:30 p.m.Tufters on the Turf, Barnsley InnandGolf Resort, Adairsville,
Ga.Tuesday-Thursday, September 11-138:30 a.m.Registration opens; Lower Level Concourse9:00
a.m.Exhibit halls open (Entrance by badge only)11:30-1:00 p.m.Buffet lunch (Tuesday, Wednesday);
Lower Level Concourse Tuesday, September 118:00-9:00 a.m.”Where to Now” Frank ONeill, Floor Focus;
Upper Level Theater (ULT)10:00-11:00 a.m.Global Outlook 2001: Ralph J. Boe; ULT1:00-3:00 p.m.HOST
Dry Carpet Cleaning: How to keep the indoor environment clean; Meeting Room C-12:30-3:30 p.m.Global
Outlook 2001: Sota Yoshino, Hiroyuki Ikezaki; ULT6:00 p.m.Exhibit Halls close6:00-8:00 p.m.Cocktail
reception; Upper Level ConcourseWednesday, September 1210:00-11:00 a.m.Global Outlook 2001: Paulo
Kauffmann; ULT1:30-2:30 p.m.Global Outlook 2001: Mark Vervaeke; ULT3:30-4:30 p.m.Global Outlook
2001: David L. Kolb; ULT6:00 p.m.Exhibit Halls close6:00-8:00 p.m.Annual Irish BBQ, Holiday Inn,
Dalton, Ga.Thursday, September 1310:00-12:00 p.m.Global Outlook 2001: Conclusion; ULT1:00 p.m.Show
closes Global Outlook 2001Sponsored by Dalton State College (DSC), Dalton, and its Center for
Applied Business Studies (CABS), Global Outlook 2001 will include six sessions covering the
industrys economic status, changes and future growth, product mix, importing/exporting, recycling
and other issues. The sessions will conclude with a panel discussion.This forum represents a unique
opportunity for the carpet manufacturing community to network with international industry leaders
and focus on solutions to current topics, said Dr. Marilyn Helms, Sesquicentennial Endowed Chair,
DSC, and director of CABS.Among the speakers featured at Global Outlook 2001 is Mark Vervaeke,
president of Flanders Carpet International, Belgium, and secretary general of the Belgian Carpet
and Upholstery Fabric Manufacturers Association. In addition, he is manager of the Interior
Textiles Division of FEBELTEX (Belgian Textile Manufacturers Association).Other speakers include:
Ralph J. Boe, president, Beaulieu Residential, Beaulieu of America, Dalton; Sota Yoshino, president
and CEO, Asahi Trading Co. Ltd., Japan; Hiroyuki Ikezaki, president and CEO, Japan Carpet Co. Ltd.,
Japan; Paulo Kauffmann, partner and production/technical director, Textil Tabacow S/A, Brazil; and
David L. Kolb, chairman and CEO, Mohawk Industries Inc., Calhoun, Ga.While attendance at the Carpet
Technologies Show itself is free, there is a charge of $249 to attend Global Outlook 2001. Forum
participants must register, as space is limited. Additional ActivitiesAs a kick-off to the
exhibition, DFCMAs Tufters on the Turf Golf Tournament will be held Monday, September 10, at the
Barnsley Inn and Golf Resort in nearby Adairsville, Ga.DFCMA and
Textile Industries will host a cocktail reception Tuesday evening, September 11, on the
Upper Level Concourse in the Convention Center.Another opportunity for fun and relaxation will take
place Wednesday evening, September 12, at the Annual Irish BBQ, held at the Holiday Inn in Dalton.
The event will be hosted by MSS Services Inc. in conjunction with Allstates Textile Machinery, Dent
Instrumentation, Del Mol Engineering NV, Rieter ICBT Corp., Rosink GmbH+Co. and Sellers of America.
For Additional InformationCarpet Technologies Show Tufters on the TurfDalton Floor Covering Market
Association (DFCMA), Dalton, Ga.(800) 288-4101e-mail:
info@carpettechnologies.comwww.carpettechnologies.comGlobal Outlook 2001Dalton State College
Dalton, Ga.(800) 829-4436, (706) 272-2467Fax: (706) 272-4525e-mail: 
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August 2001